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Thursday, September 30, 2010


i fell in love with top shop's rosette headbands that's why i decided to create my own version. this collection will be available in my shop "Bedazzle Accessories" this october.

1st Time to Eat Pares

pares, a dish originating in the philppines, literally means "pair." this beef stew dish can be served with either noodle soup or a bowl of rice (thus the term "pares" :)

i often see lots of people eating in "pares" restaurants and according to friends who have tried this dish "ang sarap! mura pa." so when i was in retiro area, i was told by my friend that there's a good "pares" restaurant in the area which is "jonas."

jonas is known for this famous dish. it started in 1979. what's good with their pares is that the beef is really soft (70% lean meat and 30% fat) because it is slow-cooked in charcoal.

we went there around lunch time and i was surprised to see that almost all tables were occupied by people who seemed to enjoy their orders :) so we ordered our own pares and i was so excited to taste it.

long line at jonas
aside from their pares meals, they also serve other food like tofu, siomai and siopao.
tofu with fish cake

beef siomai (w/ corn?!)

did i like it? was okay. pares reminded me of "pata tim."

by the way, my friend, kira and her mom dropped by to say hi ;) forgot to take a photo! sayang :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stress Buster

when i'm feeling pressured or stressed out from the daily ramblings that i encounter, i usually de-stress by going to the nearest thrift shop and spend hours looking out for fab finds. yeah, yeah, some goes to the spa or chills out with friends at a restaurant or a bar to de-stress...but as for me, thrift shopping "always" saves my not-so-good-days! :)

i've scored a number of pretty clothes during my last visit to the ukay-ukay. i bought a nice looking blue long blouse with "cat" design :) what i like most about this top is that it's wrinkled (by nature) so i won't have a hard time ironing it...tee hee! ;)

more ukay finds in my next post. have to rush to a meeting. have a good thursday! :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Super Brands Sale @ the Mega Tent

since i am in a christmas shopping mode already i visited the "big outlet sale 2010" at the megatent. entrance fee is P50 but you can enter for free if you have a BPI credit card.

there are a lot of brands on sale like kickers, levi's hush puppies, sebago, giordano, esprit and grendha. even MAC is there and i saw a lot of people in their booth.

anyway, i wans't able to really check out all the stuff because there were so many people! but was able to score some nice looking flipflops at the grendha booth. quite a steal for almost half the price :)

i want to come back and check out the other items on sale...and maybe i can score more fab items for gift-giving (or for personal use?! :)

Salcedo Market

my lolo wanted to visit salcedo market for the longest time. i'm glad i was able to bring him there today together with friends and of course my nephew, sepi and yaya :) we were there early...atat eh :p we were there at around 6:30 a.m and most of the vendors were still preparing their wares.

anyway first stop: himalayan salt booth. i was looking for this eversince i've read it in ms jenni epperson's blog. it is one of the purest salts available for culinary, therapeutic and cosmetic use. this salt is hand mined from the pristine himalayan mountain. the benefits are endless but i heard that it's good remedy for cough and is a great way to remove toxins from the body.

love pink himalayan salt - P190 per jar
we loved all the food stalls in the market for most of them can't be seen in malls. lolo liked seeing native food like tamales, suman, bibingka and enjoyed talking to one of the vendors from pampanga (yes, we are from pampanga :)

lolo checking out the tamales

hmmm...curious about this fried pancit siopao :)

after roaming around, we decided to buy food for breakfast :)

lumpia sariwa - with grated green papaya P65 each

homemade ham sandwich - P90


ordered forest ham and farm cheese french sandwich from this stall. super nice owners - both are french. sanwiches range from P130-P160

shwarma - P190

dimsum - 5pcs for P70

we were so full! everything was delicious.

while we were eating, sepi enjoyed playing the park's playground.

sepi inside the tunnel

i think lolo enjoyed because he told my friend jane that he would love to go there every saturday (salcedo market is only open on saturdays, 7am to 2pm). well, let's see. if i'm not too busy, we might do this again soon :)

lolo walking in the park ;)

* bring smaller bills when you go there in the morning (as early as we did) as most of the vendors don't have "panukli" yet if it's really early.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


i'm not really a fan of charice pempengco but after the major, major news that she will be included in the glee cast, can't help but feel proud. let's face it, it's not everyday that a filipino singer breaks into the hollywood scene :)

so when ETC had this match-airing in the u.s, i watched glee's season 2 premier.

...and the clock stopped for a good 30-45 minutes.audition is the first episode of season 2. liked the audition songs of the new characters "listen" and "billionaire."

can't wait to see what will happen between "rachel" and "sunshine" :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Busy Day :)

when i woke up this morning i knew that it will be a busy day for after checking my email and my daily dose of blog readings, i dressed up and started my day :)

so many things to be thankful for despite my being busy today...

my bedazzle flipflops are now consigned in one of the shops in MetroWalk, Ortigas :)

ipanema flipflops as pasalubong from menchie. i'm loving the color purple! :)

done with my rosette hair accessory in time for the shop opening :)

playtime with my nephew, sepi :)

my favorite malayan chicken curry from banana leaf for lunch :)

paid for our zonta bazaar this coming november! yipee:)

:) :) happy face...haha! to think that my day is not over yet...great things ahead!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bedazzle FlipFlops Now Available!!!

i am so happy to annouce that BEDAZZLE FlipFlops are now available in my online store

a perfect gift this holiday season because i only made 1 per design so each pair is special :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010


i have been hearing about Gelatissimo in greenbelt 5 and the great gelato flavors that they have. as my friend would say "purong-puro sya. creamy and real ang flavors..." so i decided to try it out and decide for myself :)

Gelatissimo offers premium italian ice cream that are flavorful. what's nice about it is that most of the flavors are fat-free like the varonese chocolate and other fruity flavors.

there was a long line of people when we went there, mostly in front of the big ice cream refrigerator (is that how it is called?) to taste the ice cream before they make their final choice.

there are a lot ot choose from actually. my favorites include chocolate mint, wild berries and choc hazelnut. there's one flavor that intrigued me - chili choco, but had no guts to taste it. time maybe...
see the chili on top of the chocolate ice cream? :) everything looks so good!

in the end, i tried choco mint and my friend got choc hazelnut. each small cup costs P110, super worth it! we're both happy with our orders and we'll definitely go back and try the other flavors :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bedazzle FlipFlops SOON!

i can't contain my happiness after we finished the first batch of Bedazzle FlipFlops. this has been my dream eversince i started to make bead accessories. i wanted to branch out in embellishments which includes slippers, bags, shirts, pockets, hair accessories etc. etc. etc. (i have a very long list of upcoming projects! :)

as always, there's only 1 pair available per design because i believe in individuality and uniqueness plus to avoid bumping into someone with the same pair...hihi...:)

bedazzle flipflops will soon be available in my online multiply shop (beadazzle by cat) and of course in my own shop (bedazzle accessories) which will be opening next month.