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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tutti Frutti

I'm loving the "self-serve" type of yogurt place. I get to choose my own toppings and have as much serving as I want :) But of course I'm loyal to my favorite combi - mango, crushed graham, white chocolate, strawberry syrup and rainbow sprinkles.

Tutti Frutti is another self-serve froyo parlor.  The only thing that their attendant will do is to weigh your froyo and compute your bill - P20 per oz.

They do have different yogurt flavors like green apple and taro. But of course since it was my first time I chose the original flavor.  Verdict? Not as sour as Qoola's yogurt.  It's more of like the taste of Yogurt Froze - a bit sweet, sort of "ice cream" already.  It's good. I like it :)

You may mix and match the flavors if you want.  Just be prepared of the wild taste ;)

I haven't taken pictures of their toppings bar but they have a wide variety of fresh fruits, chocolates, cereals and syrup in their counter.

Tadah! My mango-graham-white choco-candy sprinkles froyo :)

A very satisfied "me!" :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Qoola Yogurt + Fruit

Qoola is a new yogurt place in Greenbelt (near the area of Flapjacks and Itallianis). It is a Canadian brand of frozen yogurt. They have different flavors of yogurt - original, green tea, chocolate and raspberry.

This is a self-serve kind of yogurt place - which means that you get your own serving of their yogurt, you get to put as much toppings, syrup and other sprinkles that you want. The cashier will weigh your cup when your done and you pay by the gram (P75 per100g)

They do have a lot of toppings - from chocolates to fruits, cereals and nuts.

They also serve yogurt smoothie which they call "Slash"

I got the original-flavored yogurt then topped it with mangoes, graham, white chocolate, strawberry syrup and candy sprinkles. I paid P140 for this :)

I find their yogurt really "yogurty!" It has this super tangy taste. I still like White Hat when it comes to the yogurt taste BUT I super love their toppings bar. They do have a lot to choose from :)

The place is really nice. I like the ambiance especially outside where they have big umbrella tables (with really nice chairs:)

***if you're still not sure what flavor you want to get, they offer free taste before you order.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I've been hearing about Amici Italian Restaurant from friends and finally I was able to eat there with my friend, Jane, last week.

Located beside Don Bosco (it was brought to us by Italian Salesian Priest, Fr. Gianlugi Colombo, SDB.) Amici has a "canteen" ambiance. It's a self-service, pay when you order kind of place.

Jane and I ordered Mozarella Fritto served with Pomodoro Sauce. Bitin! Haha. It's really good. One order comes in 4 slices if mozarella sticks. Yum!

For our main dish, we ordered Tutta Carne (All-Meat) and Penne Al Salmone Affumicato, pasta dish with a rich flavor of smoked salmon.

We liked everything that we ordered. Prices are reasonable too. Pizza prices range from 230-350 (8 big slices of oven-baked pizza) and pasta prices range from 170-250.

Of course our trip to Amici wouldn't be complete without tasting their GELATO, which according to Jane, is really good.

I checked out the Gelato bar for my ice cream flavor...I like all!!!

gelato! :)

But settled for 3 gelato flavors -mint with choco chips, blueberry and sansrival

I super loved gelato mint chocolate among all the three flavors. I want to try their ice cream cakes next time.