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Saturday, May 21, 2011


i just want to share what happened in my felt craft workshop yesterday. i was so happy to meet new crafters again like ms gie and ms tina. both are very crafty and artistic. i had so much fun teaching them about felt craft.

dolphin felt clip by ms tina :)

butterfly felt applique

bag charm making - ms gie made an ice drop charm. so cute!!! :)

they did a lot of projects and it was a delight to see everything they've done after the workshop. so so so proud of them ;p

it was a jam-packed workshop and i discussed all there is to know about creating awesome felt crafts. projects included are hair accessories, bag charm, wallet, bag with felt applique. i really had fun!!! oh how i love to teach! :) i'm quite proud of this workshop because felt craft is becoming an "in" thing now a days and can be a good source of income especially if created for souvenirs, giveaways or as a unique accessory. i also haven't heard anyone doing felt craft workshop so this is really something new ;)

i teach everything from scratch and all projects are hands-on.

bag with strawberry felt applique

i can't wait for the next batch of crafters ;)


you may contact me at 09331974991 if interested to join in the next schedule.

Friday, May 6, 2011


i've been reading good reviews about ferretti shoes from blogger friends and i can't let this giveaway pass by without trying my luck :) who knows? i might win a new pair of flat polka dot pair from ferretti! :)

it's so easy to join. just follow the steps in their facebook account. i am posting the link for easy reference. good luck!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


2 more slots for the may 20 schedule. message me if you're interested to enroll!!! :)