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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First Time in Bora. Day 2:)

Day 2:

Before I start sharing with you our 2nd day in boracay, let me tell you first my sleeping experience. It was a fun night in our room. Irene got the best foot massage courtesy of Andy. Irene was really satisfied with the way Andy rubbed her tired feet. Hmm... kaingit!


 After the massage session, we decided to call it a night. We left the tv on and funny kasi after sometime, all of us began to sing Mula Sa Puso (videoke channel:) Haha! After 2 or 3 songs, we fell asleep na.

Well, I wasn't able to get a goodnight sleep.  It was so cold in the room then I had to share pa blanket with Irene. Nobody told me naman na magaling pala si Irene sa 'agawan' ng kumot! Haha! She has the talent of pulling the kumot with her fists then tucking it in her sides, under her armpit and in between her legs! Haha! Galing:)

Anyway, our 2nd day started with a quick breakfast then everyone was eager to go to the beach already so we headed back to our room, put on our swim attire then off to the beach! We don't have any pictures since we left all our cameras in the room - ang dala ni norbert eh alcohol, comb and tissue - all inside our resealable plastic. It was a very nice day at the beach. Light breeze, happy mr. sun, cool waters..we made sand castles - nice yung sa min ni andy, it was really a sand castle with ramps and gates. Norbert made a "sand ship." He wants to be a seaman. Haha! Irene made an attempt to make Spongebob pero ugly eh! Haha. She wasn't able to finish the nose area:) We also went snorkeling - the most unforgetable thing happened! This is Norbert's version: we were snorkeling happily while holding hands then suddenly may shark kaya we were so scared that we forgot how to swim.  Haha! The first part is true - we were really happy,  swimming steadily with no life vests ha (although la syadong fish sa area na yun). When it was time for us to go back to the shore, we lost our balance. Norbert began grasping for air and couldn't move his legs. I started to panic also since I'm not much of a swimmer. I was kicking really hard, imagine stepping on 6 bikes all at the same time! (i looked so hilarious siguro:) i was thinking how i can save Norbert - and he was thinking of the same thing too...We thought that it was the end of us na...I shouted Irene's name but she didn't hear us. I shouted Andy's name...I was waving frantically until he saw us.  There was also a "manong" in a boat who approached us and helped Norbert while Andy helped me. Phew! I was scared but I was thankful aslo because we were saved. 

to be continued...:)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

First Time in Bora. Day 1:)

After letting you in my 'pre-bora' story it's now time for you to see how fun the trip was, how beautiful bora is from a first timer's point of view.

November 1, 2007: Irene, Norbert, Andy and I went for a vacation in Boracay. Their flight was earlier than mine. Had to fly by myself because of the change in flight schedule and airline. I met them at the port - for our boat ride going to bora island:)


View of bora island from the plane - beautiful shot by andy!



 Our first lunch - Mang Inasal


We decided to walk along the beach and this rest house captured our eyes! So, so, nice.


This was taken at the very end of Staion 3.  Daming langgam sa trunk ng coconut tree:)



Andy took our picture with the fab beach behind us. Ganda no? I love this shot!


Norbert and Irene walking towards the Grotto where Andy and I are waiting...Pagod na sila nyan! Haha:)


This is the Grotto but unfortunately you can't see Mama Mary behind us. Haha! Andy was so happy to be in the company of bikini-clad ladies! Yihee! Si Andy;)


After walking, more or less 1-2 km, we were so tired and Norbert, as usual, was covered with sweat! haha! I took his picture while he was wiping his sweat with tissue - Irene helped and created a Sweaty Tissue Monster! :)

Andy suggested for us to taste the shakes at Jonah's Fruit Shakes and Restaurant.  Some said that a trip to Boracay is not complete without Jonah's Shakes so go kami and we ordered. Irene, what did you order again? Was it Banana Choco Peanut or Chocnut Shake (as per suggestion of Andy:)?


Too bad, I wasn't able to take pictures of our shakes. Mine was mango shake. It was ok but it was a bit sour. I'm a sweet mango shake fan kaya I didn't finish all fo it.


This was taken dinner time. We ate at a Thai Restaurant. I forgot the name!


Super spicy Tom Yum/Tom Yam soup. I didn't eat it at all.  Bagoong fried rice is good;)

After dinner, we decided to stroll around D'Mall.


Irene and I on the bora bench. One of my favorite shots!


We shared our bench with Andy. Wawa Norbert, wala sya. Busy taking our pictures:)


I look thin and tall in this shot. Haha, thanks Norbert!


Do you see the ferris wheel behind us?


Crepes! Yum! We have to satisfy our cravings..


Irene's funny face.


Uy, kasama si Norbert. Yummy noo?:)


Subuan ng crepe - hmmm...sweet...something fishy is going on between these 2;)


It rained. I took a picture of the rainy bora evening...



Phew! What a first day!:) It was fun! Wait till you read my accounts on our 2nd day. See you in my next post...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pre-Bora Story:)

I am not really a beach person. Maybe because of three reasons: 1.) I'm so afraid of the uncertain feeling that the water gives me. It's like something is going on down under and that any moment, the sand on the sea floor will just open and eat me alive!(freaky); 2.) there's the sand. I don't like having sand on my slippers (with my wet feet). I don't know why but it's just something that I'm not happy about when I'm in the beach; 3.) lastly, the amount of dirty clothes that I have to bring home after the trip - some still wet (my bathing suits, towels, shirt, shorts, sarong...) Well, I'm sure some of you who are beach lovers have raised eyebrows already because of what I wrote here...hehe, hear me out first:) I'm getting to the "I love the beach" part in my next blogs...

The Break-up Movie PosterSince I'm working in a preschool, we do have sembreaks.     One of the 'few' perks of becoming a teacher (harhar!).  This is the only time when we can go out of town, rest and unwind. So last sembreak (November, 2007) I was scheduled to go to Dumaguete. I already have my ticket, all my bags are packed (and I'm ready to go...haha, song yun ha:) But something happened - untimely demise of a relationship - so to make the long story short, I didn't push through with my plans...

On the other side of the fence, Irene, Norbert, Ria and Andy made plans for Boracay.  It was a planned trip since they got their tickets and bookings months before our sembreak. Unfortunately, Ria wasn't here anymore that November. She was already working in Dubai. Syang the ticket! It' s not refundable.  So Irene asked me if I want to take Ria's place. I was hesitant at first.  I was still bent on going somewhere in Negros! Harharhar! Plus the fact that I'm not so crazy about beaches... After a few sleepless nights, I decided to go with them. I told myself "hey, not everybody gets the chance to go to bora for free (thanks to ria:)"  and besides I wanted to go out and have fun, to forget about problems, to to smile, to laugh, to live...just live...even for just 3 days....I did!!!!I'm happy:) Thanks to Irene, Andy and Norbert. Thanks to Ria:) 

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