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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's David vs David!

This is the first American Idol Season that I have watched from the auditions until the final 2 contestants. I've never been as glued to this show as before. I think that this season's constestants are all nice, pleasant to look at, great voices, total performers. But amongst the idol aspirants, I'm especially in favor of these 2 Davids...Actually they are two completely different individuals. I described Cook as an eagle while Archuleta as a chick. But both Davids know how to sing, and both have superb talent.

I didn't like Cook during the first few weeks of AI. I find him a bit arrogant, typical rocker, and not as charming as the other contestants. But eversince he sang "Hello" (Lionel Richie), I fell in love with him! Haha, I look forward to his song choice every week. I said to myself, if he made me like "Hello" (which I hated by the way...) then he's capable of making 'not so good' songs into pretty "pleasant to hear" ones :D He did his own version of "Billie Jean" and "Always Be My Baby." I told myself, "he's the one to beat!"

Then comes Archuleta...a crowd favorite from day 1. He's good, he's young, he's nice, someone who you can take home to your parents :) hihihi! He was ok for me.  I'm not so overly into him because I feel that he's very young and not that 'unique' compared to Cook. Although he impressed me because he has this charisma - you can really see in his eyes that his genuinely a nice boy. Plus he has a very nice voice - a 'ballad' kind of voice.  As what my friend said "you will really listen when it's Archuleta who sings..."

I was never surprised when I learned that the two Davids are the final 2 AI aspirants. They are really the cream of the crop.


I must say that I loved Archuleta's performance! As what Randy Jackson said "you're in the zone!" I really felt his heart...he came there to win and he really did his best.  Cook was ok also but I was waiting for his "billie jean" and "hello" zone...I was hoping that he would again showcase his uniqueness by choosing songs that will define who he really is as a performer.  I was waiting for different version of songs that will surely 'wow' simon! I agree with Simon when he said that Archuleta's performaces were all great.  Before the finals night, I was thinking Cook will win, but after hearing them sing, based on their perfromances tonight, my heart goes to Archuleta :D

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Josef's Third Week:)

i can't help but write about josef's third week in this crazy world. haha. he's bigger na, hmm...he's a milk machine! can finish 4-5 ounces already of milk in one drinking. he's very strong, likes to move around - twists his head all the time while kicking his legs! grrr....irritating at times because he's neck is still so weak right? i'm a bit scared whenever he does this maneuver. also, today, my sister and josef went home to my lolo's house. they stayed with me for 3 weeks and today marks the beginning of their independence. hehe! enough of being josef's 2nd mom. haha! they need to go home. a little bit sad...huhuhu...i'll surely miss josef - especially sleeping in a 36x36 inches bed (his bed in my house) since he and my sister are sleeping in my bed. imagine? for 3 weeks, half of my body sleeps in the floor. haha! but anything for josef...i'll miss waking up 1:30 AM and 4:00 AM. i carry him while singing "eency, weency spider" until he falls asleep. huhu,,,can't help but to be teary-eyed,,,

here is josef now, his third week...

 Cute...Adorable! Super! except when he cries. haha... i'll miss you josef! :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Birthday:)

 I never thought that my birthday will be so much fun. it started with a very nice breakfast. i ordered food from mcdonads - just pancakes - kasi we'll have dinner naman the following day. hehe, super budget me :) then i gave my friends their gifts. this is my 2nd year already of giving gifts to my friends on my birthday. simple ones only. for this year, i gave them summer shorts and flipflops. i didn't have enough time to prepare other things since i was so busy the past few weeks because of baby josef. anyway, the teachers were all so happy.  i was so happy too because i got all their sizes correctly. super happy! :D

In the afternoon, we decided to play in the wading pool in the playground. they changed into the shorts that i gave them and posed in front of the camera. talk about simple joys:) haha! as you can see in the pctures that i posted above, we were having a lot of fun! haha! thanks guys! :D thanks also to bella (reme's daughter) and mckhoy (sheryll's son).

after work, i went straight home to have dinner with my family. lolo, kris, josef and i went to robinson's to have dinner. we were apprehensive at first to bring josef out but we have to celebrate. hehe... so we brought him with us (as if may mapagiiwanan kami;) then ate at ajisen, a japanese restaurant.

lolo, kris josef and i

here are some of our orders...

california maki super yummy!


tappanyaki - my favorite! :)

spicy tofu

kris and josef while waiting for the food

my turn to carry josef while kris is eating...

i like ajisen's food plus it's not that expensive. great for budget conscious people who want quality food at a reasonable price.  my sister loved their katsudon, my lolo liked the spicy tofu and ramen. me? hmmm. of course the maki and teppanyaki!

I had a simple birthday celebration but i had fun.  it was my 1st birthday without momi - medyo sad because she was the one who's always excited when one of use celebrates brithday.... anyway, i know she was watching us. hehe... happy birthday to me! :D