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Monday, March 22, 2010

Ukay Trip

I've been reading about Ukay-Ukay raves for sometime now and finally, last Saturday, I was able to go on my Ukay-Ukay trip.

It was a productive day for I was able to score some great finds.  Actually laces and stars are the theme of my UK finds :)

This blouse is super nice. Sleeveless with lace detail.  I also like the asymmetrical cut (which can't be seen in the photo, sowee) perfect for slim pants or leggings! :)

Super cute stars skirt.  I didn't let go of this skirt the minute I saw this in the rack. I love it!!! Plus it has a gartered waist so perfect for my "sometimes" big tummy ;)

Of course  if there's a star-themed skirt, there's a star-themed shirt...Hooray! A racerback sando! Great find because it has never been used (since it has a tag).

Another great find - a long sleeveless, floral shirt with lace details and some kind of ruching at the edge...really nice. I love its color too...

Last is a satin-lace skirtwhich is some kind of vintage.

All these for only P620.  Not bad :)

I'm planning to visit again the Ukay shop this weekend.  I hope there'll be more nice clothes to buy. Tee Hee :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zing's Wheatgrass Drink

John Mayer...

Looking forward to watching John Mayer's concert here on May...But upon learning about the ticket prices...(sigh) I guess I'll just enjoy the company of my John Mayer downloads.  Tickets are quite expensive!

Hmmm...unless someone will give it as a gift. Ahem! As in birthday gift ;)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Craft Inc.

I got myself a copy of Meg Ilasco's book Craft Inc. : Turn Your Creative Hobby Into a Business today at Fully booked, Greenhills.  Actually, I've been around a lot of Fully Booked branches already and it was only in Greenhills that I found a copy.  It must truly be a best-seller! ;)

I am so excited to read it!!! I know that this book will help me with my accessory business. I will blog about it when I'm done reading :)