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Monday, November 24, 2008


you can say that i'm one of the thousands who went "gaga" over this saga.

november is i guess my busiest month. with christmas fast approaching - accessory orders, work load, exam week of my tutees (i tutor :), life is chaotic! i'll be joining two bazaars (SIlver Sparks Online Bazaar in UP Diliman and of course US Girls Bazaar in Eastwood) this month, tons of orders to finish, the christening of my nephew, Josef - i'll be making his invitations and souvenirs and parent confrence in school where i work.  most of the time i just stare blankly into space, not knowing which one to attend to first.

but inspite my super eratic schedule, it's really funny, that i still had the time to read "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer.  

actually, i heard a lot of buzz about this book. 1st - that it's a best-seller, 2nd - the sountrack is number 1 in the billboards, 3rd - robert pattinson (edward cullen) is the cutest (in a vampire way) and 4th - the whole world is anticipating the shoing of the movie this month.

so, when i was in national book store, i decided to buy my copy. little did i know that this will be a very exciting experience for me. i was hooked on it, never wanted to stop until i finish the entire book (i detached myself from my beads!). i love it because it's not too "bloody" and of course the love story of belle and edward. i totally love them! :)

eager to get hold of the 2nd book and conitnue the love story of the two - i called powerbooks and national bookstore; but their copies are sold out. it's a good thing i'm very persistent when it comes to something that i want...i asked fully booked, my last hope and wow!!!! they have the complete set! so i bought all the books, afraid that stocks will soon be gone especially after the showing of the movie. i was so happy last night when i got home. i felt like a child again, so eager to read my favorite storybook :)

i felt so sad when the movie showing was moved to november 26 fomr november 21. i looked forward to its showing the whole week so when i found out that it was moved (after asking my friends to watch with me!) i was so devastated.

it will be shown tomorrow and i can't wait. i'm so excited!!! :)