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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Global Pinoy Bazaar

Yabang Pinoy’s GLOBAL PINOY COMMUNITY is a group of Filipino entrepreneurs, graphic designers, spoken word artists, musicians, filmmakers, comedians, magicians, sculptures, painters, children’s book illustrators, fashion designers, product developers and the like showcasing FILIPINO INGENUITY and taking PRIDE in being a FILIPINO.

Global Pinoy Bazaar

My sister and I have tickets for this event so we decided to spend our Saturday morning checking out unique finds at the bazaar.  I usually go to bazaars to check out what's hip, what's "in" for I am a bazaarista myself.  I went home with some great finds - mostly food.

Mango Chutney

This is for my lolo.  He used to make this before :)

Dulce Spread from Bacolod

Check out the bazaar that will run til tomorrow at the Rockwell Tent. Support 100% Pinoy :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kaya Korean Restaurant

I've been accustomed to eating Korean food since I do have a lot of Korean students and they always bring KimBop and Bulgogi during parties in school.  When my dad said that we'l have lunch at Kaya Korean Restaurant in Jupiter I was kinda pleased >) coz I'm really craving for some Kimchi since last week.

There are actually two Kaya Restaurants - the Kaya Express (which serves small serving portions, faster service (like a fast food) and prices are cheaper) and Kaya Restaurant which is not really the  "fine dining" version but the prices are definitely higher, bigger serving portions and better ambiance.

I love everything that my dad ordered especially the Salmon sashimi.  It's really good.  Not "malansa" at all and super fresh.



Uni or Sea Urchin

Jap Chae - Korean Pancit

Bibimbap - Rice topped with vegetables and egg

Roast Beef

Kalbi Gui - Marinated Ribs

Sewu Gui - Grilled Shrimps

Sari-saring Appetizer! Haha!

Satisfied :)

Food is great and so is the service. Kaya Korean Restaurant has branches in Podium, Megamall, Rockwell, Robinson's Midtown and Glorietta.

I would probably bring my lolo there next Sunday so he can also taste the great food and service.  Happy Sunday everyone! :)