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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SuperSale Bazaar at Rockwell

SuperSale is going back to Rockwell Tent this July 30-August 1, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Enjoy discounts of up to 70%. Get 1 free eco-friendly shopping bag, picture perfect souvenirs, and get the chance to win exciting prizes every 30 minutes. Credit cards will be accepted throughout the entire bazaar.

Visit Beadazzle by Cat in L7 along with Cocomo Beach Wear. Earthly Delights will have some items in the booth too like hand painted pendants and notebooks. Lots of new accessories only available in the bazaar so see you there!!! :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Coming Out This Week :)

new necklaces coming out this week...only in beadazzle by cat :)

peacock necklace

owls on a branch

elephant with its surprise poops ;)

please visit for my shop's updates :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Early Satruday Morning @ Dangwa

my bff jane asked me to accompany her to dangwa for she needs to to buy a bouquet of flowers for her friend. so at 6 in the morning (i wonder why we had to be early there?!?! zzzzzz....!) we trooped to dangwa flower market in sampaloc.

the last time i went to dangwa, i was still in college. i remember my other bff, day, had a flower arrangement class so i always accompany her there not because i'm a good friend but because my ultimate crush lives in that area ;) we bumped into him a couple of times so it was like hitting two birds with one stone :)

the flowers in dangwa are really fresh because according to the manong there flowers are delivered early in the morning. it was a street full of flowers - from carnation, to roses, birds of paradise and orchids. the best part is that the prices are so reasonable. just imagine, 2 dozens of long-stemmed roses for only P70!!! whereas in malls this could be really expensive.

carnation costs P100 per bundle, star gazer is between P100-P150 and malaysian mums cost P100 per bundle too :)

jane chose birds of paradise, star gazer and carnation for her bouquet. then a manong from the store arranged the flowers for her.

and the result...tadah!

jane paid for ony P340 for the bouquet plus P100 for the arrangement. quite cheap huh? worth the travel :)


beadazzle by cat is now a part of the code-limited family. it is the online source of filipino fashion merchandise and information.

among the other brands in the code-limited online shop are "glitterati," "vida," "bejeweled" and "cocomo."

don't forget to check beadazzle by cat at

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Work Tray

i need to finish a lot of items for the rockwell bazaar this end of the month. i am currently working on some felt cell phone cases.

i usaally put all the materials in my small work tray to avoid losing some parts of the design and also to make sue that everything i need is within my reach. 2 down, 13 more to go! :)

this is how the cases look like :)

to see more samples, please check my multiply site

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fuji Instax Mini 25

i was reading a magazine (forgot what it was) when i saw this fuji instax mini 25. really cool ;> it prints/develops pictures instantly!

  • Exposure control for light and dark settings
  • Built-in smart flash that fills light evenly
  • Detachable close-up lens (for shots within 2ft)
  • Landscape mode for faraway subjects (8ft to infinity)
  • Optional flash
  • Front facing self portrait mirror
  • Second trigger button for horizontal shots
  • Easy-loading Fuji film cartridges are easy to find
  • Runs on two CR2 batteries (included)
  • Snapshot Album fits 120 mini prints
No USB cables, no memory cards, and no computer. Just a few basic chemical reactions that develop in the palm of your hand :)

it's about $124 or a little under P6,000. i'm not sure if it's available here in the philippines but you may check at this website

Pink Manila

i went to robinson's midtown and saw these cutesy tops...

the fabric is really soft and it swings when you move. quite affordable too at P399 each :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are We Going to Say Goodbye to Long Weekends?

i read in the news that president aquino will review the "holiday economics" wherein the former president arroyo moved holidays to the nearest monday...well i guess we won't have a lot of long weekends in the next 6 years.

for more info please read the article from yahoo news

We Look So "Orange" Here! ;)

had lunch at RICE with kira. happy to see her after a long, long time. hmmm...about 3 months ago. hehe...after lunch, we trooped over to rob midtown for some window shopping and white hat ;)

we look so "orange" here don't you think? i guess it's because of the mall lights...;)

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Product Shots

i've been wanting to get a professional photographer to take pictures of my products (bead accessories) and since i'm going to venture into something really exciting soon,i sought the help of ms. geri dela cruz (, a freelance photographer.

here are some of the sample shots.

photo updates soon :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Forever 21 - Part 2

yipee! i was able to visit forever 21 in megamall and i had so much fun looking through all the racks and shelves, amidst all the people (women!!!) who want to get hold of their very own forever 21 piece :)

see the people in front of the shop? tee hee!!!

see the loooooong line? it's like a long snake actually. reminded me of the line in the movie house during the opening of eclipse ;)

don't forget to get your forever 21 mesh bag (near the counter - active section) where you can put all the clothes that you want to purchase. of course, you have to return this after shopping :)

the store is really big. actually i was going around and around and around and can't seem to remember if i had been to that area already or not. haha! lots of nice clothes!!! i noticed that patterns are usually florals - pretty, pretty. i'm sure you can see what i mean even if the pics are blurred :)

i like their sandals - mostly gladiators - i was going to get the turquoise one but unfortunately no more size for me.

this blouse is also very nice. i'm glad that there's one in mysize :)

i wanted to get this sheer blouse, a steal for only P598 but since i'm on a budget, i decided to let go and get it some other time....hmmm....

it's like a one-stop shop actually...aside from shoes and clothes, there are also accessories...lots and lots of accessories!!!! you have to check their clips and hair-pieces. really nice ;)

most of what i got came from the "active section" - mostly plain shirts and leggings.

this gray leggings has a tiny button detail and very affordable at P185 each.

i also got myself white tank top, blue polka dot tank with lace detail and a basic yellow shirt. i love who affordable their basic shirts are. price starts at P185 each!!

this unicorn shirt is l-o-v-e! just had to buy it ;)

as i've said, i do have a budget for this spree and guess what???? i got 7 pcs for less than two thousand:) i still got enough change for me to eat my favorite chicken rice in orchard road restaurant. love saturaday!!! :)


Friday, July 2, 2010

Forever 21

i have read in different blogs that i follow about the forever 21 opening in megamall last july 2. i was drooling over their fashion finds that's why i've decided to spend my saturday afternoon in megamall :)

i checked forever 21 website and saw some lovely pieces which i hope are available in their megamall store.

i hope i'll score some great finds although not too much. haha! i have a budget ;) i'll post later details about my forever 21 adventure :)