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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shop Day

sponge bob table for my nephew, sepi ;)

plastic balloon na sosyal ;) for sepi

fab find!!! floral bag with chain - i'm loving the bow! ;)

boxes for my bazaar items - they're on sale!!! only P100 each at SM ;)

new cellphone - my cherry mobile is dead! ;(

got this in white. really cute!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bead Accessory Making Workshop

i had fun teaching bead accessory making especially since i was referred by my previous student to her friends who like to learn the craft. i love teaching other aspiring bead enthusiasts who want to earn extra by making bead accessories. i like sharing my experiences, how i started and my future plans. i feel good when my students make a pair of earrings or a simple bracelet. it's an accomplishment for me. a different high! ;)

ms. marlen completing her necklace project :)
busy hands
happy sunday everyone! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


went to world trade center to check out the Manila F.A.M.E International. i like to see the accessories display made by different local artist. all i can say is that i still need to learn so much for me to be at par with them. haha! great collection from Avatar Accessories and Dam Good Stuff.

wasn't able to take a lot of pictures. i assumed that it's bawal since i didn't see anyone with cameras.

anyway, was able to take a few snap shots from the stores i visited. i went to Endido Designs and they do have a wide selection of wood beads in fancy colors plus kuya was very accomodating. i bought a lot of wood beads in his booth.

endidio designs is a company from cebu. they also have ready to wear accessories aside from the wood beads that they sell. i'm happy because they accept orders online.
here are some of the wood beads that i got from endido.
***F.A.M.E exhibit runs until today. entrance fee is at P200.

Comfort Food

there are really days when i feel down and tired and yesterday was one of these days. i'm just glad me and my family had brunch at Cafe Adriatico (a good 2-minute walk from my lolo's house). nothing beats family bonding plus of course my comfort food....
i ordered pandesal with kesong puti and butter.

made me smile a little...;)

Monday, October 18, 2010

RED (retired & extremely dangerous)

we watched RED or Retired & Extremely Dangerous without any idea what the movie is all about. all i know is that it stars bruce willis and that it's raining hard outside so we can't go home yet.

anyway, glad i watched it :) RED was the perfect mix of action and comedy and a little romance. the movie was full of gun fights, fist fights and explosion. what i love about it is the fact that there are no dull moments. pace of the film is good plus there's action in every scene (aside from the funny one-liner of john malkovich a.k.a. marvin).

marvin (malkovich) tries to scare the vice president with a bomb! this scene is hilarious :)

the movie is jampacked with great stars such as willis (frank), malkovich (marvin), freeman (joe) and mirren (veronica). they used to be top CIA agents but the secrets they know made them the agency's top targets (thus the title retired and extremely dangerous :) how they worked together - their collective cunning, expertise and teamwork made the movie exciting. i love the humor that malkovich brought to the film. i also love the stunts espcially when mirren was behind the machine gun, scaring the vice presiedent in a BALL GOWN ;) cool!

RED is truly one of my favorite films this year. fans of the casts will not be disappointed. a must see movie.

It All Boils Down to Good Company

was so happy last saturday because i had dinner with my super friends salie, she and weng. we seldom see each other that's why moments like this are priceless. been friends since elementary. i'm really glad that up to now we are still friends :)

we ate at felix in greenbelt 5. one of the owners of felix is actor richard gomez plus the chef is the famous chef florabel. anyway, it was our first time here so we asked the server about their specialties.

we were given bread and butter while waiting for our order. the bread is good even without the spread :)
next on our order is the salad. forgot the name but it has lettucce, chicken, seared tuna, fruits like strawberrines, grapes and mango. the sauce is a bit tangy and sweet ~P395~
we also ordered spicy wings (jeje in their menu) - which by the way is not spicy at all...the chicken coating is sweet sort of caramelized. six pieces of wings plus greens. ~P295~
weng loves pasta so we ordered 2 different pasta dishes. ala ton is an all meat pasta with pesto sauce and sundried tomatoes - yum!!!! ~P425~
and ala bel which is sauteed crabs and prawns in white sauce...~P425~
the food were all good - nothing exceptional, just good. but if you have a big appetite, definitely not for sharing. we find the prices a little steep but i guess it's because it's in greenbelt 5 ;)
anyway, as i've said, get together with friends is not really about the food...what matters is the good company shared by people who love to laugh and have fun:)

oopps! by the way, i just have to say this...their iced tea is not bottomless (boo!) haha!

Friday, October 15, 2010


when i found out that forever21 will have its first major sale since they opened this year i was contemplating whether i'll go or not. 75% of me wants to go but the other 25% thinks of the money i will spend buying clothes (again and again...) anyway, since 75% is more than 25% hahaha! i woke up early today and went to the sale.

WOW! i was there early, around 10 am, but looking at the shoppers that were already there when i arrived, i was already late ;) (considering that f21 opened earlier than the mall...they opened at 9:30am:)

early shoppers :)

the line in the counter - see the people in front of me? haha! waited for almost
40 minutes before reaching the cashier ;)

i wanted to just leave all my finds in one corner and just walk away...haha! but no way! i woke up early just to be there ;)

anyway, here are my finds all folded on top of the glass case near the counter. so tired of carrying them...

but my best find is this lovely skirt with rosette details.

the price? from P1650 down to P469! best buy :)

go to forever 21 megamall until sunday. they do have fabulous sale items :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Babylon in Bizu

tried this cake in bizu. it is called babylon. it has raspberry syrup on top of a soft sponge cake. on its side are "sort of" lengua de gato round cookies. yum! cherry on top and a slice of dark chocolate added extra oomph factor ;P

after my first cut :) see the cream inside? really good.

babylon cake only in bizu

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fashion Accessories & Beauty Bazaar

some photos taken during the opening day of the FAB bazaar at world trade center.

ms tessa prieto-valdes graced the opening of the bazaar

Donuts n' Dip

as we were watching t.v last night, my nephew, sepi, said "donut bili" when the commercial of mister donut's new donuts n' dip flashed on the screen.

so the following day, sepi's mom bought him donut's n dip. he loved it!!!! actually, the chocolate dip is pretty good. no wonder sepi kept on dipping and licking the donut stick...choco yum yum! :p

sepi and his chocolate-covered lips

My Pedi

this is so once in a lifetime. i swear. haha! the last time i had my toe nails painted was when i attended my best friend's wedding 2 years ago. anyway, was able to have some r&r yesterday and had my pedi at david's salon. i wanted to have color my naiils red but settled with pink instead. maybe in the future i'll be bold enough to have red toe nails :)

***forgive my "veiny" feet ;p

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Visit Fashion Accessories and Beauty Bazaar (F.A.B) at the World Trade Center from October 6 to 10 :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


i cleaned up my shoe closet and i realized that i do have lots of shoes from shoebox. i love flat shoes and i must say that shoebox has great flat shoes collection (especially their ballet flats).

i love the dainty designs of their shoes, usually with ribbons. very soft and fits my feet perfectly. price ranges from P699 to 799. super worth it :)

***branches: rockwell, greenhills and glorietta

by the way since i cleaned my closet, i have some pre-loved pairs on sale. please check my multiply site
EVERYTHING is in good condition - used only once or twice :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

French Baker

one of my favorite places to have snacks now a days is french baker. i love that they do have lots of interesting food in their menu plus the fact that they serve their food with style :)

i've eaten at french baker 3 times last month and i ordered "egg sandwich" in every visit. i don't know why but i fell in love with its taste!!!! hope you can try it too when you visit french baker.


egg sandwich - P128 per order - w/ salad and chips

Bag Full of....

was so happy to get this pasalubong from my mama lou...aside from some make-up (hmmm...i think i need to learn how to use basic make-up tools like eyeliner and mascara:) i got a big bag full of.....CHOCOLATES! not just any chocolate super fave ones - twix, mm's & sneakers!
happy mode ;p will share some of these with my sister, kris and nephew, sepi :) good night!

Farewell Lola Encar

too tired after days of taking care of our lola in the house and hospital, up until the day she passed away (last september 28). since my mom died two years ago, i knew that the wake will even be more tiring than the "taking care of the sick" stage...too many things to take care of, too many people to attend to...but i must say that after 4 days of wake in the sanctuarium and the burial today, everything was a success. lola encar is i'm sure super happy in heaven watching over all the people who came and joined the family for a last glimpse of her. farewell lola encar. rest in peace. nightly mass for lola in the sanctuarium

at the our lady of sorrow's church

last mass before the burial