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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Back-Up Plan

It was a spur of the moment decision to watch a movie on a Monday night. Current happenings in life made me want to go out with a friend and just relax - with nothing in mind but happy thoughts.

We decided to watch The Back-Up Plan, the comeback movie of Jennifer Lopez after 5 years of being in hiatus from making movies.

It stars Jennifer Lopez as Zoe, an owner of a pet shop and Alex O'Loughlin as Stan, who owns a farm and sells cheese in the farmer's market.   

A romantic comedy centered on a woman who conceives twins through artificial insemination, (her plan B) only to meet the man of her dreams (her plan A) on the very same day. 

It's really funny with lots of witty lines from the actors.  I can very much relate to Zoe's character. 

Catch it in theaters near you! :)

***some photos from the movie*** die for ABS!

...pretty j.lo

... sweet moment during their first date :)

Friday, April 23, 2010


One reason to go to Liliw Laguna (aside from the slippers and sandals!!!) is Arabela Bakehouse and Coffee Shop.  The low-ceiling restaurant is the place to be because of their delicious serving of pizza and pasta plus the super duper yummy cakes and pastries :)

We ordered their specialties... Kesong Puti Pizza and Seafood Marinara Pasta.  Both are worth the loooong travel to Liliw!!!;)

I ate 6 out of the 8 slices!!! It was that good :) Hahaha! It was a pita bread topped with kesong puti, lots of olives, cheese and mushrooms. Really good!

Another favorite is Arabela's Cafe' Mocha which my friend ordered.  I tasted it and I liked that it doesn't have that strong coffee taste.

Check out their display of cakes :)

Plus other knick-knacks...

I would love to come back and taste their cakes next time :)

Zen Asia Spa

I was in dire need of a massage yesterday so my friend and I tried the services of Zen Asia Spa in Bautista, Buendia.

The interior is nice although we noticed that some of the masseuse were noisy outside or in the reception area.  They were talking to each other in a loud voice when in fact the ambiance of a spa should be peaceful, calming and relaxing.

Anyway, the prices of their services are reasonable...My friend and I availed of their Combination Massage (Swedish and Shiatsu) for only P280 - 60 minutes of bliss already ;)

My masseuse, Yeng, is very accommodating and nice.  She even noticed that I have a back problem that's why she was very careful throughout the session.  We were talking the whole time that's why I was not able to sleep while my friend was already in dreamland in the other room:)

The over-all experience is ok. I would probably go back and have a massage again in Zen Asia because it's very near my house and affordable. I would like to try their foot reflexology next time and foot scrub :)

For more information, visit their site

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's On the Other Side???

A favorite shot taken in Japanese Garden in Caliraya..While climbing up the stairs, I can't wait to see what's on the other side...I was climbing one step at a time but in reality I want to run and reach the top flight.

...and what's on the other side?


Monday, April 19, 2010

Beadazzle by Cat Necklaces for April :)

All pieces are handmade with love :)

To view entire collection you may check my online site at :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Go Greek

I'm not really a fan of food courts.  I find it very difficult to choose which food to eat since there are so many choices.  But a recent visit to Food Choices in Glorietta made me want to come back and eat there over and over again! :)

Go Greek is the new stall in Gorietta Food Choices.  I'm into Greek food.  I always eat at Gyro's in Greenbelt - hummus, Greek salad and kebabs are my favorite! :)  So when I saw a Greek fastfood I literally ran and checked out their menu.

I was a bit full so I settled for Greek salad and hummus. They do have different sizes for their salads.  There's the side salad for P99 and solo for P199.  I ordered the side salad only since I saw from the person in front of me (who ordered the same) that it's plenty.  You may choose what to put in your salad from their counter - mine has lettuce, red cabbage, onions, tomatoes, olives, capers, feta and parmesan cheese.  You may also choose your dressing.  There's caesar, vinaigrette and sweet greek dressing.

Hummus is a dip or spread  made from cooked, mashed chickepeas, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. It is a popular food throughout the Middle East.  I love dipping pita bread in it!!! :)

Clean plate as always!!! :) Yum, yum!!! I enjoyed my food and will surely come back again to try the other dishes.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sepi's First Skateboard Experience

I enjoyed watching my nephew, Sepi, try my cousin's skateboard.


For my sister's birthday I decided to treat my family in MESA, Greenbelt. One of Mesa's owners is Senator Kiko Pangilinan and that night we were lucky because he was sitting in one of the tables outside. Of course my lolo wanted a picture with him...

lolo with senator kiko

He was very gracious especially when he found out that my lolo is already 90 years old plus the fact that they are both supporters of NoyNoy. (Boo!;)

My lolo is not a fan of Filipino restaurants because according to him he can cook these food at home (he's a kapampangan by the way, a great cook!). But my sister and I were kinda "sawa" already in eating chinese food during occassions so I decided to try something new.

I read some reviews about Mesa to help me decide what to order. I want to make sure that I order only the best so that my lolo would appreciate the food. I even asked the kind senator to suggest and he happily did.

Tinapa Roll Wrapped in Lettuce

Crispy Boneless Tilapia served with 4 Sauces

Laing Cooked in 2 Ways

Baked Tahong

Crispy Pata

This is hands-down my lolo's favorite! He finished the entire order - hmmm...(well left 2 pcs for me and my sister...;)

Look at my lolo's plate...Now you believe me? It's all crispy pata! Haha! It's very soft and flavorful. Maybe my lolo would want to go back to Mesa for another round of this :)

We also ordered soup but I forgot it's name already. It's inside a buko fruit (which served as its serving bowl)

I must say that I had a wonderful experience at MESA. It's one of the best in Greenbelt 5 when it comes to ambiance, presentation of food and of course the price. Great for family gatherings!

The Birthday Girl

***Mesa has the same group of owners with La Mesa Grill in Mall of Asia***

Visita Iglesia 2010

This year's Visita Iglesia is really fun.  It's the first time that the 3 of us (me, my sister, Kris and brother, Kyle) walked in the streets on Manila visiting churches on Maundy Thursday.

Note:  We were all wearing green!!! (Go Gibo!!!) Nah. It has nothing to do with my choice of candidate.  This was really just a coincidence ;)

Of course some friends tagged along.  It was really a great night.  I didn't feel tired at all.

What's Visita Iglesia without Kris wanting to eat on our every stop...This a picture of Kris digging in the ice cream freezer..LOL! "Kris, ano ba hinahanap mo?" ;)

Have a peaceful Holy Week everyone.