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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yummy Bee Fastfood

it was nice to see a new restaurant in front of harisson plaza. it's very near my lolo's place and i know he'll like it because he loves chinese food.
"yummy bee fastfood" is the new chinese restaurant along adriatico (in front of HP). the owner owns king bee as well - which is another popular chinese restaurant.

after sepi's visit to his swim class, we decided to try out the new restaurant. yaya, sepi and i enjoyed our lunch very much. i love the fact that their prices are reasonable and the servings are quite generous. we liked everything that we ordered!!! :)

sepi and his noodles! :)

crispy kangkong

lumpiang shanghai

salt and pepper squid
super sulit! happy tummies! :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

White Grape

just a quick post...i want to share with you my recent discovery ;) the new minute maid white grape flavor is love! :)

i'm not sure if it's available in other stores/groceries already. i bought mine in 7-11. It has bits of real aloe vera pulp and it's really refreshing. Try it! it's good :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Love Bon Chon Chicken

last christmas, my family and i decided to try out the restaurants in ayala triangle (stock exchange building along ayala). aside from the nice lights hanging in every tree and the big star lanterns in the park, there are a lot of restaurants along the area. one of the must-try is bon chon chicken.

bon chon chicken is originally from korea and is now available here in manila! i think they also have another branch in greenbelt 1. not so sure if it's already open, though. i first read about this famous chicken in ms cecille's blog - chuvaness and been wanting to try it ever since. bon chon chicken (as what i've read) is a double-fried chicken from korea - the first fry is to remove the chicken fats and to make it really crispy and the second fry includes the sauce.

their chicken parts seem to be smaller than what other chicken house delivers...but as the saying goes "size doesn't matter" or "great things come from small packages" hmmm...tama ba? :) ask your server for spicy mayo. it tastes good with the chicken...

3-piece chicken wings (soy-garlic flavor) meal for P185

i don't normally eat chicken with my hands especially when dining out but bon chon chicken made me do that. haha! i can't wait to have another round of bon chon chicken! "sarap to the bones!" ;)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cuff Bracelets - New Collection

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Dinner at Buddy's

we wanted to eat in banapple (ayala triangle) but unfortunately it was closed for the new year. we ended up having our dinner at buddy's located at "the link" (building in front of landmark, makati).

the place was jam-packed so we had to wait for a table. while waiting, we ordered our food (self-service by the way). i had to ask the order taker what their specialty dishes are and according to her their pancit lukban is the best-seller.

pancit lucban

one order of pancit lucban is good for 2 to 3 persons already. very affordable at P160. the server gave us a bottle of vinegar and said that it's for the pancit. haha, this is the first time i've tasted pancit with vinegar. it's really good! a must try :)

we also tried their sizzling plates - which is good for 2-3 persons too (i think;) we ordered another best-seller, pork sisig, and sizzling beefsteak. their sizzling plates cost P120 to P160 pesos only and it comes with an order of plain rice.

sizzling sisig with fresh egg

the significant other finished the whole plate! "ang sarap!"was all he could say ;) their beef steak is really good too. the beef is really soft and tender. i love the corn on the side plus the gravy.

sizzling beef steak

we were happy that we ate at buddy's. food is great, attentive servers and affordable menu. will try the lucban longganisa next time. i can't help but look at the guy on the other table who seemed to be so enamored with his order ;)