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Friday, January 1, 2010

Must Be Mom's Ensaymaditas

I was in search for the best ensaymada.  A friend told me to try Must Be Mom's Ensaymaditas because it's very tasty.  Accroding to her the only branch that she knows of is in Tiendesitas.  Too far from my place so I just satisfied myself with Hizon's and Muhlach's Ensaymada...

As I was strolling along LandMark in Makati, I saw an outlet!!! (Just when I forgot all about it already ;)

I chose the Dulce de Leche Ensaymaditas.  Check out the caramel!!!!

The  creamy dulce de leche filling combined with the grated cheese topping created a salty-sweet taste that is so good!

They do have cheese rolls too.  I'll probably try that next  time :)

The Rebound

I've spent my first afternoon of 2010 watching the movie The Rebound starring Catherine Zeta-Jones (from the movie Zorro and No Reservations) and Justin Bartha (from National Treasure 1 & 2 and Hangover).

The movie is a romance comedy which I totally love. It's about Aram, a 25 year old guy who begins an unlikely relationship with his single mother neighbour, Sandy. Quite cute actually. I'm glad I stayed home and watched :)

I love the part when Sandy gave Aram for his 25th birthday, a picture of him with her children. Talk about unconditional love...

"I know how I feel about you, it's you who doesn't know how you feel about me..." - Aram

I Love Personalized Gifts

Whenever I receive a personalized gift I really feel happy and appreciative. I know that the giver really thought about what I like, what I fancy, what suits me, what describes me the most.


***Beadazzle by Cat is the name of my accessory business***

First Order for 2010

I'm done with the first order I got for the year 2010. 50 pieces of baby soap wrapped in blue towels as Baptismal giveaway. I made it look like a fish which made the giveaway cute and unique - plus of course it's super FUNctional!!! :)