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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year 2010

i can't help but feel a little nostalgic when it's the last day of the year. don't get me wrong. i am so excited for the coming year. i like thinking about what's in store for me this 2011, all the new things, experiences, people, likes, dislikes, dreams, inspirations...but of course i am really emotional to leave the whole year behind ;) somehow there's the feeling of uncertainty for the coming year and the feeling of being a little "scared" will always be with me. anyway, a lot of things happened to me this year. i've been through a lot of ups and downs but still very thankful because the ride was worth it.

some of the most memorable happenings this 2010 in photos :)

successful bazaars

finally said goodbye to growing place preschool, my workplace for the past 13 years

non-stop bonding with true friends :)

fun moments with the dearest people in my life:)

lola passed away

a new venture :)

my own shop, Bedazzle Acessories

a newspaper feature after 2-weeks of being in business :)

as i review my year 2010, i can say that there are more positive events than heart-breaking ones. i appreciate life. all the happiness and pain, achievements and failures. i realized that there are a lot of poeple who care - more than those who are mean and selfish. it is very obvious that there are so many who love me for who i am and i am forever greatful.

as a conclusion, i must say that LIFE is really good and 2010 is one of the best years in my life ever! :) looking forward to a greater year full of luck, love, happiness and people who matter.

Happy New Year!!! :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a bunch of things to blog about

i've got so many things to blog about but the problem is time. been very busy this month that's why i wasn't able to make blog updates. anyway, i have some time to spare now since my shop is closed for the holiday.

cream puff christmas tree :)

the first on my list is the "happy cream puffs." it's a small cream puff store which has branches in malugay street, paseo center and rada regency in legaspi village.

the happy cream puff started when the owner went to japan for a vacation. they were overwhelmed by the cream puff enthusiasm of the japanese people that's why the owner decided to bake and introduce cream puffs here.

what i like about their cream puffs is the various flavors they present to their clients. they have plain, caramel almond, white chocolate, strawberry sprinkles, plain choco and white and dark choco combination. i also like that they do have the regular-sized cream puffs and in petit size as well.

we ordered 1 box of petit puffs - 10 pcs/P180. my uncle, faye and i finished all 10 in just a few minutes! haha! the custard filling puffs with freshness. i super love it! :) we bought additional 2 boxes for pasalubong ;)

happy cream puff offers free delivery in selected makati areas with a minimum purchase of P300. delivery hotline is 817-4234.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crepe Delight

there's this crepe station in cash and carry that i really love. their crepes are so good and so affordable at the same time. "crepe delight" offers ala mode crepes and savoury crispy crepes as well.

they prepare everything infront of you.

my ultimate favorite is their peach and banana crepe with vanilla ice cream. it costs only P89 per order. i love that their cream is sugary and the peaches are so sweet :)

they have other flavors like mango choco, lychee and banana. try your crepe delight now! :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bubble Tea

after the bday dinner of my tita at italianni's, we tried the japanese tea place "bubble tea." i ordered the strawberry bubble tea and fell in love with their chewy tapioca balls. my cousin, justine, ordered chocolate bubble tea. we'll try the other flavors next time. i want to try their shakes too! :)

bubble tea can be found in SM megamall, tomas morato and SM north edsa.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fried Ice Cream

when i saw this in robinson's midtown, i was scared to try it. fried ice cream sounded weird to me so i had my yogurt instead.

now, fried ice cream opened a kiosk at university mall (where my store bedazzle accessories will soon open too!!!!) i decided to give it a try (since we're neighbors in the 3rd floor ;)

wow!!!! it's really good. the concept of frying the ice cream is so cool. i expected it to be hot really but i was wrong. hihi! of course it's cold! ;) see it fry before you. amazing!

there are a lot of flavors to choose from - vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, black forest, bubble gum and a lot more. there are also toppings like candy sprinkles, cookies, wafer sticks and mallows.

i tried strawberry flavored ice cream with candy sprinkles and mallows topped with strawberry syrup. yum yum! plus very affordable - only P30.

my fried ice cream :)
*fried ice cream is open for franchise at miguelito's international corporation*

Monday, November 1, 2010


Visit for inquiries ;)


Visit and get a chance to win exciting prizes!!! At stake are 10 faboulous gift sets:)

Here are some of my favorites:)


since it was a long weekend, we decided to have a little family bonding. we left for tagaytay around 9:00 a.m and luckily there was no traffic.

first stop: corn vendor along the way. lolo wanted to eat native corn.

second stop: pink sisters convent. i wanted to say a little prayer before we go on our trip plus to get some yummy pasalubongs like sampalok and polvoron (which by the way, my nephew loved!)

sepi with yaya - eating the polvoron under the tree :)

third stop: mushroom burger - my uncle insisted that we make the stop. haha! he loves mushroom burger. well, i ordered 1 for each of us and we all loved it :)

fourth stop: bag of beans - a well known coffee place in tagaytay. too bad they don't serve alamid coffee anymore (civet coffee). i wanted to order one for my uncle so that he could taste it. they said that it's made of something that you woudn't want to know anymore. hehe :)

i love their sheperds pie and black forest iced coffee :)

they do have nice tables down stairs like this day bed where you and your family can lounge and relax.
fifth stop: palace in the sky. so beautiful. well not really the place because it looks like it was abandoned already but since it's the highest point in tagaytay, the view is breathtaking plus the coldness of the air! i lav et! :)

we had to ride the jeepney already because after a short walk, my 91-year old lolo gave up. haha! my nephew enjoyed the short jeepney ride. it's P40/one way, regardless of the number of pasaheros.

sixth stop: good sheperd - bought some pasalubong. i haven't taken pictures of their yummy ube halaya (s - P125/ b - P180) and tawilis in olive oil (P80 per bottle). yum yum!

seventh stop: flower shops along the street. we bought flowers for our departed ones.
eight stop: rose and grace bulalo house in sta. rosa. we just had to have our once in while dose of bone marrow! :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shop Day

sponge bob table for my nephew, sepi ;)

plastic balloon na sosyal ;) for sepi

fab find!!! floral bag with chain - i'm loving the bow! ;)

boxes for my bazaar items - they're on sale!!! only P100 each at SM ;)

new cellphone - my cherry mobile is dead! ;(

got this in white. really cute!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bead Accessory Making Workshop

i had fun teaching bead accessory making especially since i was referred by my previous student to her friends who like to learn the craft. i love teaching other aspiring bead enthusiasts who want to earn extra by making bead accessories. i like sharing my experiences, how i started and my future plans. i feel good when my students make a pair of earrings or a simple bracelet. it's an accomplishment for me. a different high! ;)

ms. marlen completing her necklace project :)
busy hands
happy sunday everyone! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


went to world trade center to check out the Manila F.A.M.E International. i like to see the accessories display made by different local artist. all i can say is that i still need to learn so much for me to be at par with them. haha! great collection from Avatar Accessories and Dam Good Stuff.

wasn't able to take a lot of pictures. i assumed that it's bawal since i didn't see anyone with cameras.

anyway, was able to take a few snap shots from the stores i visited. i went to Endido Designs and they do have a wide selection of wood beads in fancy colors plus kuya was very accomodating. i bought a lot of wood beads in his booth.

endidio designs is a company from cebu. they also have ready to wear accessories aside from the wood beads that they sell. i'm happy because they accept orders online.
here are some of the wood beads that i got from endido.
***F.A.M.E exhibit runs until today. entrance fee is at P200.

Comfort Food

there are really days when i feel down and tired and yesterday was one of these days. i'm just glad me and my family had brunch at Cafe Adriatico (a good 2-minute walk from my lolo's house). nothing beats family bonding plus of course my comfort food....
i ordered pandesal with kesong puti and butter.

made me smile a little...;)