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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sinong Chick-Boy?

after delivering orders in makati, the bf and i decided to try chick-boy. a sort of "mang inasal's" rival.

chick boy for "chicken and baboy" :)

ordered their cebu lechon. verdict...ayos lang :) i don't think will crave for this. hehe...oily eh.

by the way, they do have unlimited rice too!


a new way to wear your feathers :)

now available at bedazzle accessories :)

Monday, July 25, 2011


if there's a single accessory that is quite a hit in my store, i have to say our "double rings" :)

NEW DESIGNS now available!!! :)

you may also check my shop located at 3rd floor University Mall, Taft Avenue (beside La Salle)

thanks! :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Half Time

one of the nicest things about having friends who like to eat is that you get to try new restaurants every now and then. one rainy night, out of nowhere, they introduced me to half-time, a small restaurant along vito cruz - a tambayan for the lasalistas :)

oh my!!! fell in love with their sirloin steak, yum yum for less than P130 :) the serving portions are generous and can be shared by 2 persons - just order extra rice :)

sirloin steak

my friends, chu and jen, ordered beef stew and crispy pork belly. they were also satisfied with their orders. we even had cake afterwards. super busog!

beef stew
Align Center

crispy pork belly


oh, did i mention that all their meals come with a free 12 oz lemonade? haha sulit! :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stoops Bagnet Ilocos

bagnet is fried pork belly which is a specialty from ilocos. first time to taste bagnet at stoops, a very small restaurant, sort of sosyal na carinderia in vito cruz - near estrada. first bite was PURE LOVE! sarap kainin pag heart broken :) hehe. fried to perfection, super crispy and tastes just right. the best part? super affordable. for P80 you have your bagnet meal already with choice of talong or talbos ng kamote ;) you'll surely come back for more.

price board :)

ang lutong!!!

visit stoops at vito cruz cor estrada streets. if you love ilocano dishes, this place is a must try. check out their empanada and longganisa too :)

thanks jen and chu for sharing with me this yum yum find ;)

Saturday, May 21, 2011


i just want to share what happened in my felt craft workshop yesterday. i was so happy to meet new crafters again like ms gie and ms tina. both are very crafty and artistic. i had so much fun teaching them about felt craft.

dolphin felt clip by ms tina :)

butterfly felt applique

bag charm making - ms gie made an ice drop charm. so cute!!! :)

they did a lot of projects and it was a delight to see everything they've done after the workshop. so so so proud of them ;p

it was a jam-packed workshop and i discussed all there is to know about creating awesome felt crafts. projects included are hair accessories, bag charm, wallet, bag with felt applique. i really had fun!!! oh how i love to teach! :) i'm quite proud of this workshop because felt craft is becoming an "in" thing now a days and can be a good source of income especially if created for souvenirs, giveaways or as a unique accessory. i also haven't heard anyone doing felt craft workshop so this is really something new ;)

i teach everything from scratch and all projects are hands-on.

bag with strawberry felt applique

i can't wait for the next batch of crafters ;)


you may contact me at 09331974991 if interested to join in the next schedule.

Friday, May 6, 2011


i've been reading good reviews about ferretti shoes from blogger friends and i can't let this giveaway pass by without trying my luck :) who knows? i might win a new pair of flat polka dot pair from ferretti! :)

it's so easy to join. just follow the steps in their facebook account. i am posting the link for easy reference. good luck!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


2 more slots for the may 20 schedule. message me if you're interested to enroll!!! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bedazzle's Anniversary Giveaway

april is bedazzle's anniversary month and as part of our celebration, i am giving away some treats to people who have been supporting bedazzle :)

join bedazzle's anniversary promo by simply cllicking the "LIKE" button on my shop's facebook page.!/pages/Bedazzle-Accessories/160340093990063

get a chance to win a pair of "Shoe Love" (of your choice;) and a bag full of bedazzle accessories. winner will be picked by random draw and will be notified through your facebook account. Winner will be announced on may 1.

thanks and good luck!:)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Greek Salad @ Coffee Bean

been eating the greek salad from coffee bean 3 days in a row. i'm not on a diet or anything but i'm just loving the fresh greens that they serve - as in fresh, green lettuce. i also love the fact that the salad ingredients are not tinipid and you will really enjoy the crisp tomatoes and cucumber, the very generous serving of olives and lotsa lotsa cheese (is it mozarella? parmesan? or goat?) i'll ask next time ;)

one serving costs P169. super sulit! i swear :)

too bad CBTL is close tomorrow and on friday. hihi. will wait til saturday to have another serving :p

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


i am not a homebody so i always dread the holy week season. i like being out and about, going to different places, running to and fro...but during holy week, since malls, restaurants, practically all the places in the metro are all closed, got no choice but to find comfort in my own home.

i have tons of ideas of how to spend my holy week. actually i've got a long list of "things to do" but too lazy to face them. hahaha! denial mode ;)

first on my list is to balance all the expenses in my shops. i have not done the check nad balance thing since last month so i'm sure i'll be so confused now that i have piles of receipts to sort - and the worst is the expenses that don't have receipts and are now forgotten!!! urgh!!! :(

since bedazzle (my accessoriy brand) will join its first bazaar this year - big bang bazaar - on april 30 at the nbc tent, i need to make stocks for the event. i also need to re-stock in my shops so i will be very busy with my beads and tools! :)

c.l.e.a.n. this word gives me nightmares. if you can just take a peep in the present state of my house...hahaha. since i was the yaya of my pamangkin for almost a month, my house is in chaos. it's a good thing yaya is back. gone are the nights watching mr.bean and playing with sepi's toy cars...

speaking of sepi, his birthday is on the 27th. i need to plan for this because he will be celebrating in his summer school. hmmm...then his bday celebration on the 30th with family and friends need more planning since it will be in a bigger place with more guests. i haven't bought anything for his souvenir, loot bag and game prizes. good luck to me! haha!!!! he loves thomas so this will be the theme for this year :)
visita iglesia is something that i do every holy week. i visit churches with friends. i'm not sure if i'll be able to do this tomorrow. sana...coz this has been my practice ever since...

a short trip to antipolo is also on my list. i like to take my lolo and sepi to antipolo for some pasyal. hmmm....i just hope restaurants there are open. i like to take them to eagle's nest and hinulugang taktak....
i guess i won't get bored after all. haha...i'm not even sure if i can accomplish all the things on my list. i will try to finish one task at a time...and of course pray at the end of the day for this season is really for the lord, and to remember how much he loves us.

so how will you spend yours? :)

relax. reflect. pray.
enjoy your break! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


make your summer more fun and exciting. join the specialized workshops by bedazzle :)

our fees are very affordable and inclusive of all the materials to be used, starter kit, refreshement, module and certificate. learn something new this summer!!! :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Make-Up Workshop by Cielo Fronteras

pretty cielo

class picture :)

model/make-up artist/entrepreneur/jewelry designer - cielo fronteras is all that!!! :) she recently held her famous make-up workshop in my shop, Bedazzle, and i must say that it was really fun!!!! laugh trip to the max but with the pleasure of learning at the same time. the students were all in high spirits and showed excitement all throughout the workshop.

module discussion

after the first lesson - the natural look :)

cielo doing a demo on one of her students

putting false eyelashes can be hard :p

to know more about cielo's make-up workshop, check this site!/oleicgallery

make the most out of your summer! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

American Idol Made Me Cry

i like american idol. been watching this eversince it started. i am very emotional when my favorites don't get in...just like with pia toscano, my favorite female idol hopeful in this season. she's really good. never had any bad comment from the idol judges. consistent with her performances since day 1. a real beauty with strong talent. too bad :( she got the lowest number of votes this week :( i got tears in my eyes, i swear, while watching her last idol performance.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bargain Overload

as part of bedazzle's anniversary this month, i am hosting a garage sale entitled "bargain overload." it'll be a one day event and i am really excited with this one because family and friends unite to sell 2nd hand items that are ALL in good condition and very affordable. both local and imported brands are on SALE so i'm really hoping that you can join this event and shop til you drop!!! :)

there will be free refreshments for all. barbecue (courtesy of my friend who is a very good cook. as in!!!!!:) will be available for sale in the event as well.

print out this flier to get a FREE gift ;) ;) ;) see you there!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Yellow Shop

bedazzle's color is pink. my online shop is pink. my la salle shop is screaming pink.
bedazzle la salle
but my recently opened shop in dapitan is not pink at's my yellow store. a fresh take on bedazzle's girly and kikay mood. i'm inlove with the new colors. still thiking if it will work. if it'll catch the curious eyes of the crowd along dapitan. hoping... wishing ... praying :)

bedazzle dapitan
bedazzle shop is located at 1177 dapitan cor p.noval street (along UST). we are open from 10:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M, everyday :)

aside from the accessories handmade with love by bedazzle, shoe love is also available there plus cool stuff from other sellers like camera bags from izzo shop!/Izzoshop; cute handpainted necklaces from earthly delights

see u there!!! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Shoe Love by Bedazzle

another dream come true - to have my own shoe line :) "shoe love" by bedazzle is my new baby. i'm really proud to say that i'm in charge of everything from the design, production, color combinations, pricing and marketing. what's nice about shoe love is that they are very stylish, affordable and at the same time "gawang pinoy!" i also made sure that there are only a few pairs per design (12 pairs actually :)

the espadrilles are very popular. i guess it's because summer is almost here. perfect time to launch this line ;)

shoe love espadrilles come in different colors. i have them in plain and in patterned canvass as well.

shoe love oxfords

these are my best seller! almost sold-out. they're very soft, light and very cheap for only P500.

shoe love is available online

also in my Bedazzle shops

- 3rd floor University Mall (beside La Salle)

- 1177 Dapitan cor P.Noval St. (beside UST)


it feels good to be back in the blogging world. forgive me friends for not being able to update my blog - been very busy with the new shop (yey! i have a new bedazzle shop! details later ;)

anyway, my experience in kanin club was really made me want to blog again. haha! true. i really want to share with u the yummYness of their food!!! ;) imagine, i ate there for 2 consecutive days, ordering the very same "crispy dinuguan" and "ginataang sigarilyas!" hahah!

crispy dinuguan is their specialty. almost everyone there has a plate of this dish in their table... it's really good! it tastes so clean! hehe! u know what i mean? ;)

sigarilyas with gata is another treat. just the right kind of spice and flavor. really good with hot rice :)

aside from the good food, the ambiance is incredible. it's like eating in your own house. very comfortable. the food portions also were generous. one order is like good for 3-4 persons. the price of their food ranges from P150 to P350.

i will go back again to try their caldereta. a friend said that it's a must-try! ;)

*located in ayala triangle*