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Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Love Affair with Fashion

I AM A FASHION ADDICT...uhmmm....actually bag, shoes and clothes aficionado! haha! my love affair with my closet started when i was in college.  i left my baggy pants, over-sized shirts and L.A Gear high cut rubber shoes and 16-hole boots in my high school. can't even imagine how i looked like back then - short girl, chubby cheeks, straight, limp hair wearing hideous clothing. actually there was no problem with the clothes, it was more of "there was a problem with me" :D 

When i started college, i began to be more concious of how i look. maybe because i was obliged to dress up in school.  i can't be seen with the same clothes over and over again and my rule was to 'repeat clothes after a month" so therefore, i had to buy clothes all the time to update my wardrobe :D the opposite sex started noticing me, i was invited to gimmicks almost everyday, org meetings.  i became a member of the sports organization - rowing team - so there were more parties, more get-togethers, more encounter with the boys. tsk...tsk...i started buying shirts and pants (straight cut was the 'in' thing that time and also low-rise jeans).  then i lost a lot of weight so i became more confident to wear sleeveless, skirts and nice dresses.  My collection grew and grew and without me noticing, i was buying clothes and shoes almost every week.  my boyfriend then was also very concious of the clothes he wears so maybe that helped too in my ever growing addiction to clothes :D

I have a monthly subscription of magazines to help me determine what's hot in fashion! I read every article there is about clothes and shoes and best-dressed people.  I developed my own style in dressing and realized what clothes suit me, looks good in me.  Without me realizing, I have started a collection - my treasure :D

10 years after college, here i am, with almost 2 full closets of clothes (i have to dig in everytime i plan what to wear for the week), almost 50 pairs of shoes (not that many huh, i would love to have some more though...) and my bags, all hidden in plastic baskets and cartons. hay...i live in a very small space - a studio which i call 'the box' and i swear, everywhere you look, you can see a bag hanging - in my door knob, at the back of the door, on top of my bed, under my computer table, behind the door of my CR, in the side of my bed, inside my closet...urgh!  Since i started my own accessory business, schedule became more hectic, and I don't have the time to fix my closet anymore -which by the way, I did every weekend for the past 10 years.  I love looking at my clothes but now I don't have the time anymore, so everything is disorganized! haha!

maybe you're thinking that i am complaining already about my things. actually i am. haha! don't get me wrong. i love them. i will continue to buy for i am a sucker for nice things.  but something in me is different now. maybe this happens when you become older. 

i am more concious now on what to buy. beofre it was 'quantity more than quality' but now i am more after the quality and timeless pieces.  i like a more simple approach to things.  i used to choose and plan clothes to wear for at least 3 hours - which is a lot of wasted time.  Getting dressed was stressful! But now, I am learning to be more practical but of course, still maintaining a style that will keep me confident and at ease with myself. 

i also noticed that i hardly use some of my clothes and most of them look brand new so a question popped in my head "why do i keep on buying clothes if i don't even get to wear everything that is in my closet right now?" haha! because of this thought, I  made a habit of taking out one item in my closet every week and give it to a friend - who is so happy by the way - and i am happy too (sharing is really a great therapy!)

as i've said earlier, i will still continue to buy clothes, shoes and bags. that's me. i like paying myself with nice things since i work really hard every single day. im not much into travelling, i don't fancy going out at night, spending money in gimmicks.  i will be forever proud of what is inside my closet for everything is from my hard-earned money but now, i know what is important in life. i am more focused on what i really want.  aside from clothes, shoes and bags,i realized that i want other things as well -  i want to be surrounded by nice things (of course) and people i love.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It's been awhile since i last wrote an entry in my blog. i've been so busy with work, beads, bags, broken heart, and of course with my nephew josef.  he's 2 months now, very perky. very 'matakaw', very cute. i never thought that it will be like this.  i look forward to visiting my sister and josef every other day, MWF (since TTH i finish tutoring around 9pm).  I also spend time with them saturday if i have time -- since weekend is my only time for business. i try to squeeze them in my sched. having a baby is super magastos too! i'm always broke! haha! but worth it.

here are some of his new pics. enjoy!

isn't he adorable! can't deny it. haha! :D