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Friday, August 1, 2008

A Very Special Love

i don't know why i wanted to see this film. maybe some will say 'baduy' or 'corny'....i was never a sarah nor john lloyd's fan. not naman that i don't like them. it's just that i don't follow their career path. but when abs began to show the teaser for this movie, i got so interested. maybe it was the song. i love the song esp the line "i was deceived by love, i've never had much luck with lovers before..." haha! swak na swak!

i asked my friends, edna and sheryll to watch with me. i even told them that i'll treat them so just they wacth it with me. haha! pathetic. haha!

anyway, i watched it na awhile ago. and my gosh! was i a teenager again inside the movie house, shrieking every chance i could get especially when john lloyd's in the screen! haha! actually, 90% of the population inside the moviehouse were girls so can you just imagine how noisy we were? haha!

it was a typical love story. simple plot. but very heartwarming. very real. goes through one's heart. well, i felt the movie. it moved me. hmmm. i've always been a sucker for tear-jerker, love stories, kilig movies. hehe. laida (sarah) loved miguel (lloydie) even before they met. she was the only one who believed in him, stood by him, even when everyone didn't understand him. this made miguel a changed man. as what he said in the movie, "something has changed. and that change came as a surprise." but of course, some twists and turns...made the movie more exciting! haha! i won't tell na. just watch it :D

now, let me talk about the characters: sarah's acting was really good considering that she's not really an actress but a singer.  i commend her for she acted so natural, it's as if the role was really made for her.  john lloyd, on the other hand, was at his element. he was really good. aside from his being handsome on screen, gosh!  his acting ever surpassed those who came before him in the industry. he made me cry with some of his lines especially his scenes with his dad (dante rivero).  their friends - matet, gio, joross and the 2 other girls, were so nakakaliw! matet's line "ang ganda mo!" made moviegoers laugh to death! :D

over-all the movie is worth the A rating that it got from the movie board.  it really suits the taste of the pinoy movigoers. of course, what's a movie without my favorite line - favorite line from laida? well, when she said 'never kong naramdaman ang napagod na mahalin ka. ngayon lang." wow! i can relate! super! :D

of course, nothing beats the kilig moments. not in the obvious, pa-cute sort of way ha. very natural. but very true. that's what i like about the 2 actors. they're real. or they made it look like it's real. haha! watch na lang para you know what i'm talking about. basta watch for the scene where miguel got sick plus the ending! haha! the sun dance was the best!

hay. im still not a fan ha. just someone who appreciates a feel-good movie. oh, by the way, rowell santiago is in the movie too. haha. nice come-back :D

i hope there'll be more movies like this. feel-good. something that can make each one of us sing after watching it. hmmm. love. "i found a very special love in you...."