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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Welcome to the Outside World

April 29, the day Josef was discharged from the hospital.  I wasn't with him when this happened because I have work but I made sure to go straight to the house after work to see him and my sister.  Some of my friends came with me - Edna, who gave a 101 Lesson to my sister on how to take care of a new born baby (an expert!) haha, Reme, her daughter Bella and hubby Francis, Sheryll and son Mckhoy.  It was fun! They were the fist visitors of baby Josef :)

My sister Kris, Reme, She and Mckhoy

We had a simple merienda.  My tita cooked pancit, which was a big hit for Edna, Mckhoy and Francis:) Haha. I ordered Yellow Cab Pizza.  Funny thing is that I wasn't able to eat! Haha.! I wanted to carry Josef the whole time:)

Edna took pictures of me carrying Josef...

My cousin said that I was so noisy. Haha! Can't help if I'm giddy;) hehe! Im excited, happy! duh! Mixed emotions!

Who can resist this cute picture...

Hay,,, heaven:) It will be very different from his environment inside his mom's tummy but I'm sure he'll be okay...hmmm. With a doting tita like me;) Haha!

 I'll be uploading more pics soon:) See you in my next Josef blog...:)

Monday, April 28, 2008


Andrei Josef, pronounced as "Yosef" (thanks to PBB Teen Edition Housemate "Yosef") hehe, is my uber to the max cute nephew. My sister, Kris, gave birth last April 27, 2008, 11:23 P.M. 

Just a brief history - My sister's blood is very rare. She's RH Negative -  super rare - it's like only 3% of our population have this kind of blood. I can't explain in details what her condition is but it's rare, it's expensive (because of the rhogan injection that will stabilized her and her baby's condition) and it's new to us. Having said these things, her OB told us that she has to give birth on time because not being able to do so will cause complications for thw both of them (my sister and Josef).  So when we had our check-up last Saturday, Dra. Granada told us to go to the hospital Sunday, around 12 noon, April 27 and be admitted already. We can't wait for the 28th anymre, it has to be the 27th...

My sister was prepared already months before! She ironed all the baby's clothes and placed them inside her baby bag already. She has a checklist of the things to bring so I was confident that everything is in order that Sunday. When we reached the hospital, the nurse in the ER told us that since my sister was not in pain yet, but needs to give birth already, she has to undergo induced labor, which according to the nurse also, is more painful than the 'normal' labor wherein u go to the hospital with pain already.

She was admitted in the delivery/labor room around 1:00 p.m and after 15 minutes, her doctor told me that she was feeling pain already...5 minute-intervals... Dra. Granada said, most likely Kris wil give birth around 9pm...So i started counting, 1:00-9:00?! I hope my sister has the strength...

Waiting...Waiting...It was already 3:30 when Patrick (the dad) came so I excused myself and when to the nearest mall to eat! Haven't eaten anything yet and it was already late afternoon.  I came back around 7:00 P.M, I checked on my sister but the nurse said that I can't say hi to her. Still in labor... I'm starting to panic already. I was thinking that maybe she's tired already, hungry, frustrated that she's alone in the room...I was questioning already if she can still survive the real thing, giving birth...

Dra. Granada went to our room. She said that there's no luck.  My sister's opening was still 3cm and most likely she'll give birth around 3 or 4 A.M... I started to panic, really panic...She has to give birth not later than April 27! Dra. said that she'll do everything. If baby won't still come out 3am, my sister will have a caesarian delivery. Nyay! Expensive for my pocket! Dra. asked me to go home first, rest and come back around 2 A.M....I did,  with a heavy heart and a disturbed mind...

When I reached my house, I thought about my sister...labor from 1:00 PM! duh! I was so scared already. I prayed hard, super prayed to God, to our mom, to our tita in heaven. I was crying already.  I said to myself that if I can only take my sister's place...I'm coward too especially when it comes to medical procedure, but I know in my heart that I will not give up given that circumstance.  I was really praying hard, asking all the saints to give my sister strength to endure the pain...

10:45 P.M got a mesage from Patrick "Kinuha na po yung camera, i asked why, sabi nurse ongoing na daw po..." I stopped my prayers, stood up and tetxed the doctor.  I texted Patrick also, told him to stay outside he delivery room as I was on my way already.

I knocked on my neighbor's door, Janice, and asked her to accompany me. When we reached the hospital, Patrick said "sumigaw po Angie, then may umiyak na bata..." I was walking to and fro outside the delivery room. I wanted to see the doctor, the baby, my sister. I was her 'mom' already every since our mom died last month...

After a while, Dra. went out already and said "kamuka ni Kris!" I laughed, with soft tears in my eyes, and said "Pango din!" hehe...I was so happy. Can't explain the feeling. Actually it's more of "Thank God, nakaya ng kapatid ko..."

We went to the Nursery room to have a look at my nephew. When the nurse showed him to us, I was again teary-eyed...He was so cute, so small, so innocent. I wanted to hug him but of course we were not allowed :) I took a picture of him and I wanted to show it to everybody right away! Haha! Talk about excited...

I guess this experience humbled me. It made me realize that my sister is capable, I shouldn't baby her anymore. I salute her for a job well done. She was in labor for almost 10 hours! I felt a little sad because my sister has her own family now (selfish me! haha!) I felt like an outsider...Huhu...This experience made my faith stronger and acknowledge that there's a higher power, who's there, if we need help.

Andrei might not be mine, maybe my sister won't let him be so close to me, knowing that I'm a spoiler...but I know now what it feels to have a baby.  Maybe I will be blessed with one someday. I can't wait to undergo the same ripple of emotions in the future, my own labor experience - my own bundle of joy:)

But for now, I will take care of Josef...oops! I will help my sister take care of Josef:)

* Just a trivia: My sister gave birth on the 40th day of our mom's death, which is also her 40th week in pregnancy...timing? No. I call it love...I felt that my mom helped my sister - my mom's death is the birth of a new life *

Monday, April 14, 2008

Coron Adventure - CYC (Coron Youth Club)Island

CYC ior Coron Youth Club has white sand and shallow waters, ideal for swimming. There are no corals in this beach since the its bottom is pure white sand.  Our boat didn't dock near the shores since it was low tide that time.  We went down in the middle of the beacg then walked our way towards the shore.  I was so excited to go down the boat and feel the water because it looks so refreshing - aquamarine water, super nice! plus the super fine white sand. Impressive!

Irene, Andy, John and I - Norbert took our picture:) Ano ang makati John Smith? Haha!

Smile! Nice shot:) What happened to John Smith? Hmmm...Maybe he wanted to show his speedos:)

Look at that! Irene and I posed in the middle of he beach with a very beautiful background:) the temperature of the water is just right - not cold, not hot...

Andy and Irene reached the sand area before Norbert and I did.

to be continued...(sleepy na me:)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Coron Adventure - Banol Beach

After Twin Lagoon, we headed to Banol Beach which is equally breathtaking;) This is where we had our lunch also. See that white sand? magnificent! Super white sand, very fine, almost like powder.

Our feet. This is our 3rd 'feet' shot:) The first was in Bora then second in Intramuros, Third in Coron! Wow!;) Wawa si Norbert, barefoot!

Underwater shot this time:)

As usual, Andy has the best pose! This was taken in one of the rocks along the sand area.  There are many nice spots in this island so we used every spot for our photo session. Hahaha!

Irene and I. Ooops...and our super nice boat "Nikka Shane." 

A very nice rock.  According to Gabe, one of our students, it looks like a dragon's head...After looking at it for a long time, I kinda figured it out already. Can you? :) Pose with Norbert and Irene

This time with Andy...

Since Irene reminded us that we need to help out in preparing our lunch, we went to the shed and started to help. Si Andy ayaw! Haha, he wanted to go back to the waters, buti Irene gave him the stare:) Bwahaha! Beside the trio is Manong Ehran - the guide in the other boat.

With Jona and Gem (gmail!) while trying to figure out how we could help in preparing for the food.  We only have one knife - swiss knife pa, courtesy of Irene, and she was the one using it to peel cucumber. So 'chill' na lang kami:)

After lunch, Mr. Bert showed us a beautiful site for picture taking. We had to walk a little along the shore to get to the place. It was sort of a big rock with a small opening - like a small cave.

Andy and I in our usual walking shot - third na din yata - Bora. Intra. Coron.

This shot was taken by Mr Bert, a super nice guy. Official photograper of the group. Nice spot for photos.

After this, we went back to our place na. Walang magawa so we decided to have the "jumping" crazy photoshoot! Hay! Super fun.  Our ribs hurt because of too much laughing.  Imagine we jump as many as we can until the camera captures what we call 'jump up in the air shot..." do I make sense? See our pics nlang....


Get ready...




Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Coron, Palawan Adventure - Twin Lagoon

I joined the Coron, Palawan trip organized by Mr. Owen Ferrer last April 4.  Irene invited me to join the group along with Norbert and Andy.  Honestly, I wasn't looking forward to the trip.  According to the planned iterinary, we will ride the Super Ferry and it wil take 12 hours to reach Coron, then 2 days tour of the island - beaches, lakes, springs - then ride again the Super Ferry back home. I find it scary especially after reading Mr. Owen's blogs about exercising. Haha, I forgot about physical fitness a long time ago!:) Anyway, since we I have tickets already, got nothing to do on a long weekend (April 7 was declared a holiday), I joined the trip.  Now, I'm so happy that I did...

The trip had a funny start. I was shocked to see our Super Ferry accomodation - Mega Value - Haha! We were directed to the orange section of the ship and the 4 of us were shocked to see how it looks like! Haha! Orange double-bed bunks, more than a hundred maybe all in 1 room.  Very low ceiling, I even bumped my head when I went up the top bunk:) We rented blankets and pillows for P15 I think.  It was soooooo hot in our area and we found out that the aircon was not working.  What a great start!:) Here are some of our ship pictures...

Irene and our bunk beds.

In the lobby

Our first dinner - meal included in our ticket is Caldereta. We ordered (super spicy) sisig, calamares and kare-kare. Yum!

Our very first group picture - not complete yet though...Coron Batch 3!

My first sunrise - was taken while still in the ship. We woke up at around 5:30 a.m. because we wanted to see the sunrise, my very first actually:) It was breathtaking! Seeing the blanket of dark sky slowly unfolding as the rays of the sun start to bring light...

We headed straight to Sea Dive Resort, ate breakfast, left our things in the front desk - since our rooms were not available yet at that time then started on with our first day in Coron...

Sea Dive Restaurant with Mr John Smith, Noel, Irene, Norbert, Andy and I.

We wet to the docking area of our boats.  We finally met who the other joiners are:)

Jona, Gem, Imee, Mr. Bert and Noel


Mr. John, Norbert, Irene

Our Boat-Mates:)


Our first stop...Twin Lagoon.  According to Owen, our guide, visibility here is brackish (combination of fresh and salt water), swimming is at its best, snorkeling is ok.  Water here is both warm and cold at the same time:)

Irene before entering the Twin Lagoon - theres a small hole where one has to swim accross in order to get inside the lagoon

Andy inside the Twin Lagoon

Andy's underwater shot

School of Fish

Bye Twin Lagoon:)