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Monday, January 30, 2012


hi! i'm back...or not? haha! i want to blog. i want to share my thoughts with you. i want to make reviews of different restaurants that i have been to lately. i want to share photos of my family. of my creations. of my shop. of my customers. BUT the big problem is TIME. i always tell friends that my life is a one-woman show and that i have so many things to do - and at times 24 hours a day is not enough. boo! boo! anyhow, i'm here now. i have a little time to spare (and i hope not only today but tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, next week, next month ) hahaha! will share some photos of what i have been doing lately, mostly about my shop .

busy with new creations :)

laureen uy with bedazzle necklace :)

guested in Unang Hirit

bedazzle shop turned 1 :)

as i've said it's all about my shop :) haha! til my next post ;)

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